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Johannesburg Inner City Tour        

Joburg Inner City Tour (5 Hours)


Johannesburg is an African city of note. Johannesburg is characterised by contradiction and an apparent seamless combination of irreconcilable differences. The largest city in South Africa, Johannesburg is also the wealthiest and, without doubt, the economic powerhouse of Africa. Let’s take you through the streets of this urban hub

Sites Visited and inclusions

  • Mary Fiztgerald Square
  • Newtown
  • Mainstreet mining district
  • Chancellors House
  • Gandhi Square
  • Carlton Centre
  • Collector’s Treasury
  • Maboneng
  • Kwa Mai Mai (optional)

Tour Information

When: Tuesdays- Sundays
Time: 10am- 3pm
Meet up point: The Cosmopolitan Building Maboneng Precinct
Rate: R700.00pp (incl transport to and from sites visited)